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We asked for feedback and our clients were happy to offer a word. Please see below how independent researchers found working with SciencePOD on various projects.

As marketing communications manager for almost 100 Physics journals, it’s often difficult to keep track of all the brilliant research that is being published at Elsevier. We reached out to Sabine at SciencePOD who, together with a team of scientific writers, went through our journals and picked out interesting research that could be of interest […]

Darren Sugrue

I would recommend SciencePOD to anyone who is looking for a reliable team who are experts in science communications. SciencePOD’s writers not only produce great copy, but they are a pleasure to work with. The EPJ consortium has been working with them for several years and we particularly appreciate what they offer in terms of […]

Dr. Maria Bellantone

My experience of commissioning a report with SciencePOD was positive on all accounts: the team maintained a professional relationship, communication exchanges were excellent throughout the project and they provided a superb quality report! I would recommend using SciencePOD if you need to create complex editorial projects, like reports or magazines, where having high-quality content is […]

Ignasi López Verdeguer

Microbide took a strategic decision to publish certain scientific biocidal studies and data in a creative way to appeal to non-scientists. We wanted to increase our reputation and engagement among consumers, non-scientists, and potential investors. We went to SciencePOD to help us reach out to these new, target audiences. The experience was gentle, non-intrusive, and […]

Mary G. Skelly

Whilst we are a company heavily involved in Contract Research work, we have had good experience working [with SciencePOD] in science writing. We especially appreciated the experience of [SciencePOD’s] team to translate our texts into ‘layman’s speech’. In other words, to make it understandable! The flexibility in the way [SciencePOD] works made this a very […]

Guy Hendrickx