Dr. Maria Bellantone

I would recommend SciencePOD to anyone who is looking for a reliable team who are experts in science communications. SciencePOD’s writers not only produce great copy, but they are a pleasure to work with. The EPJ consortium has been working with them for several years and we particularly appreciate what they offer in terms of flexibility and adaptability – they listen to our needs and are able to interface very effectively with our in-house staff and our internal workflow.

Our authors love being in the spotlight, and the service SciencePOD offers is second to none in terms of consistency and the accuracy to raise the profile of the research we publish. On many occasions we have seen the benefits of this service which helps us increase the visibility and attract wider interest to the technical research papers we publish. Physics isn’t the easiest of subjects and attracting attention to our papers is a great achievement we couldn’t have made without the collaboration with SciencePOD.

Senior Publishing Editor, European Physical Journals (EPJ), Springer Nature, Dordrecht, The Netherlands.