Event images

The gang’s all here! We welcome our website visitors to come and check out the festivities of our company Christmas party! SciencePOD came together for glad tidings and cheer to celebrate a productive and fruitful 2018 at Howth, Ireland’s The Oar House. The fish was fantastic, the clam divine, and the scallops didn’t last long on the plates served. Hope you enjoy the photos and we’re looking forward to a fantastic 2019 with all of you! Happiest of Holidays this holiday season!!

SciencePOD was a welcomed presenter offering a sneak peak at the company’s digital publishing platform catered to translate the technical-rich jargon of STEM
speakers to targeted audiences. Here are a few photos with some fun in the sun as well as content creation start-ups hosted by DiG Publishing Lisbon held just this year, 3-5 Oct 2018 which showcased over 140 talented start-ups from 23 countries around the globe.


Entrepreneur Experience, is one of Ireland’s lead conferences in the area of innovation. The goal of the organisers was always to bring those having experienced the pitfalls with those just starting. SciencePOD was an invited guest as one of Ireland’s promising entrepreneurs. #EntExp24

SciencePOD attends #AcadAPE #APE2018. Discussions occur in the areas of future predictions for science publishers, incorporating #AI software into research practices, open science, and web monetisation.

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